NUKEPROOF by Ronin Sport d.o.o.!

About Nuke Proof

At Nukeproof we work closely with our teams of inspirational riders from all over the world to drive innovation in the ever-evolving sport of MTB.

Our bikes and components are designed for a range of disciplines - from World Cup-level DH riding to Enduro-style events, from the 4X battleground to the slopestyle arena – but all share the Nukeproof philosophy of bringing pro-level engineering within reach of all.


The Nukeproof name has been synonymous with tough, no-nonsense parts since the early days of MTB, and iconic names – Warhead, Generator, Shockwave – take pride of place in our product line.

But as a new generation of riders comes through and a new crop of disciplines take shape, we’ve stayed firmly at the forefront of MTB evolution with new names – Scalp, Mega, Snap, Rook – set to become icons in their own right.

Više o Nukeproof proizvodima i biciklima:

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