At Nukeproof we work closely with our teams of inspirational riders from all over the world to drive innovation in the ever-evolving sport of MTB.

Our bikes and components are designed for a range of disciplines - from World Cup-level DH riding to Enduro-style events, from the 4X battleground to the slopestyle arena – but all share the Nukeproof philosophy of bringing pro-level engineering within reach of all.

The Nukeproof name has been synonymous with tough, no-nonsense parts since the early days of MTB, and iconic names – Warhead, Generator, Shockwave – take pride of place in our product line.

But as a new generation of riders comes through and a new crop of disciplines take shape, we’ve stayed firmly at the forefront of MTB evolution with new names – Scalp, Mega, Snap, Rook – set to become icons in their own right.

Innovation is at the heart of the Nukeproof philosophy and at the core of every product we offer – from custom hydroformed tubesets and high-performance suspension systems on our DH and Enduro/Trail frames, to exciting new developments such as the integrated gyro headtube on our new Rook slopestyle bike – we’re always working with our riders to figure out new ways of doing things better.

Versatility also plays a huge role in how we think about our designs, allowing riders to dial their bikes to their preferred riding style and component setup.

At Nukeproof we support a diverse range of riders from all corners of the globe – from the World Cup DH-competing crew to the young bloods of Team Nukeproof, as well as riders in the UK, Spain, Germany and Switzerland.

We are passionate about supporting these riders as they compete every season and take immense pride in their continued successes, highlights for the 2012 season including gold for Alastair MacLennan at the Euro Masters Champs in Slovenia; 2nd place and a Silver medal for Michael Mechura in the World Championships in Leogang including a successful 4X Pro Tour Series and consistent good results for our riders in the UCI DH World Cup.

Our riders inspire every innovation at Nukeproof – but our most valued rider is you.

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